Welcome to our Brand New Website!

We created this new portal to our newly–branded legal association to introduce you to GLSA .

While many of you have long known us as API, we felt the Group Legal Services Association better reflected the nature of our membership, activities and aims. New members and old will be able to utilize this new resource to learn about the many benefits GLSA provides. We created this website to help you enhance your practice with better connections to your colleagues who provide prepaid legal services across the county and to the legal plans to which we all belong. Utilize the links to various educational resources and learn about upcoming events which will provide educational and networking opportunities to help grow your practices. We cannot list all the opportunities for members in this small space so to learn more click on the links below.


It is now much easier for provider attorneys to fill out an application to join a plan.

This GLSA Member Benefit is now available - the GLSA Universal Application Portal! This web “portal” type application allows current GLSA members the opportunity to apply to all participating legal plans with the click of one button! They will all get your application with the push of a button.

Not only that, but once you’ve been accepted to one plan, step two of the GLSA web application makes it just as easy to renew your credentials with all plans, again, with the click of one button!

Find Application Here

Password for the Application page is 2016App! and is case-sensitive.

Committees and Listserv

Being on a committee is a great way to meet other members and learn about the GLSA. Committee work is done through telephone conferences and emails and does not require any significant time commitment.
It’s fun, interesting, and a great way to contribute!

The GLSA Listserv is a member to member communication tool that allows you to communicate with other GLSA members, including attorneys, plan administrators, unions, and associated vendors, about issues and questions regarding the legal plan industry.

Click on the link and then go to "My Features" to find a committee or Listserv that may interest you!

Committee Volunteer Sign-up


Included here is a list of common resources that are helpful for GLSA members. Of course do not hesitate to contact our main office if you have questions that you cannot find answers to on this website.