Group Legal Services Association

2018 Election of Directors - Solicitation of Candidates


February 27, 2018


TO:             All GLSA Members


FROM:       Matt Hahne, Chair of the Nominating Committee


Let your voice be heard. Submit a name to the Nominating Committee.


Join the board and help guide the Association into the future!


WHO:   The GLSA Board consists of 16 directors, nine of whom are elected by the Regular Members of the GLSA and seven of whom are appointed by the American Bar Association to serve on the Standing Committee on Group and Prepaid Legal Services. 


Membership on the Board includes lawyers who serve on plan provider panels, union plan administrators, commercial plan executives, as well as other private practitioners.  You do not have to be a lawyer to serve as an elected director, but you must be a Regular Member of the GLSA. 


WHAT:  The Board meets in person three times a year to discuss and make decisions about all aspects of GLSA's operations, including allocation of funds, member benefits, policy and legislative positions, annual conference planning and public communications.


WHERE/WHEN: This year, three elected vacancies on the Board will be filled at the GPSolo/GLSA Joint Spring Meeting to be held in New Orleans, LA, on Friday, April 27, 2018.. 


WHY:    The three vacancies will result from the completion of the three-year term of Jean Clauson, Charles Johnson and Larry Stahl.


HOW:   Following the requirements of the GLSA by-laws and the Board-adopted election procedures, the Nominating Committee is now inviting suggestions of candidates to fill three seats on the Board. You may suggest yourself and/or a colleague. 


The requirements are a desire to serve on the Board, some background and familiarity with the legal plan industry and Regular-Voting Membership in GLSA. This is a working board and the time spent is productive in advancing the mission of the organization.


To submit your name or a colleague's for consideration as a candidate, send an e-mail or letter.


¯  Tell us about yourself or your suggested candidate. Please let the Nominating Committee know a little about yourself.  You may also support the nomination with recommendations from other members who know you or your candidate.  Don't forget to include basic contact information including e-mail addresses.


¯  Highlight relevant background and experience.  A proven record of volunteer work and leadership in relevant organizations and strong practical experience in the legal plan industry will be a plus.


¯  Distinguish yourself or your candidate. The election process is an opportunity to encourage participation in GLSA leadership by a wide diversity of members.  If electing you or your candidate will make GLSA more inclusive, or provide unusual but useful experience or perspective, please indicate such facts in the nomination.


In order to meet the schedule of election procedures called for in the by-laws, all suggestions for candidates must be received no later than March 16, 2018. All Regular Members whose dues have been paid as of the April 17, 2018, record date will be eligible to vote in the election.


Please note that the Nominating Committee has the authority to nominate up to six candidates for the three vacancies occurring this year.  However, the Committee may choose not to put a person who has been suggested on its slate of candidates.  All other persons who were suggested as candidates and who have stated in writing that, though not nominated by the Committee, they wish to have their names placed in nomination, may run for election and have their name placed on the ballot.


To assist all candidates, GLSA provides them with mailing labels for all Regular Members.  Candidates generally campaign by writing a letter to the Regular members, as well as by personally appealing to members at the Opening Ceremony at the Joint Spring Conference in New Orleans.  The ballots will be sent out to all Regular Members in March.


The "Official Rules Governing the Nomination and Election of Directors" attached to this memorandum, includes additional information on the nominating and election process.


      Suggestions for candidates should be forwarded, via mail, e-mail or fax, as follows:



            Matt Hahne, Chair, GLSA Nominating Committee

            C/O Group Legal Services Association

            321 North Clark Street

            Chicago, IL 60654-7598

            E-mail: [email protected]



For your information, the members of the Nominating Committee are:

Matt Hahne - [email protected]

Michael Maslanka - [email protected]  

Charles Johnson - [email protected]

Len Feltoon - [email protected]

Pat Monks - Pat Monks [email protected]



We look forward to hearing from you.